Operations Manager

Cogninn is a digital consulting company with expertise on AI and virtualization for Telecom and Internet applications. Major activities are related to specifying and building cognitive (i.e. AI enabled) systems for several vertical industries using advanced signal and information processing technologies.

Job description

Cogninn is looking for a “Operations Management Consultant” to manage the business operations of several technology investment programs, which develop and deliver emerging technologies available into the market. Operations management aims to deal with the performance of various business management functions such as finance, marketing and accounting that play a critical role in the technology programs at Cogninn.


  • Assemble and manage the investment projects that can best support tender submissions.
  • Manage the end-to-end financial process, ensuring compliance and on time submissions of the project proposals.
  • Developing, managing and optimizing business investment and marketing research plans.
  • Describing and presenting socio-economic impacts of each technology portfolio.
  • Drive continuous improvement through post proposal submission.
  • Proofreading and overall quality review by helping prepare final submission.
  • Μaintaining relationships with external investment managers and ensuring portfolios are implemented and monitored appropriately.
  • Ensuring that relevant management information on projects and risk exposures is produced in a timely manner and disseminated to the involved stakeholders.
  • Contributing to execution, business planning, reporting and random business requests and projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop effective professional relationships at all levels throughout the technology ecosystem as well as stakeholder management.


  • BS degree (MS desirable) in business such as economics, finance, administration and management.
  • 1+ year experience in a combination of financing management, investment plan and marketing research for technology projects.
  • Excellent use of MS Office and Internet tools.
  • Excellent use (written and verbal) of English language.
  • Knowledge of accounting and tax practices for project implementation.

To apply to this position, please send your full CV at info@cogninn.com.