AI Systems Engineer/Scientist

Cogninn is a small enterprise with focus on developing AI systems for next generation digital infrastructures consist of emerging networking and computing technologies.

We are developing AI systems using machine and deep learning for networking and computing infrastructures for several applications such as telecom, Internet, biomedical and finance.

Job description

We are looking for an AI system engineer or scientist, who will be able to deploy deep learning and AI to such digital infrastructures.

The main duties for this role is to contribute to the development and benchmarking of the following technologies:

  • Contributing to the algorithm development and performance evaluation of emerging digital networking and computing systems.
  • Configuring and running digital platforms for analyzing results, e.g. extract useful information from raw data, spot anomalies and construct testable hypotheses to explain them.
  • Producing technical reports on the AI algorithms and system performance relating to new features and any related architecture additions.
  • Proposing new relevant areas of investigation that would add-value to the current and future digital technologies.

Required qualifications

We are looking for an individual, who has the following qualifications:

  • A BSc degree in computer science and engineering.
  • 2 years of software development using Python, Matlab and C++ in Linux environment.
  • Knowledge in working with Docker and DevOps, e.g. Gitlab.
  • A set of mathematical skills, e.g. machine/deep learning, optimization and probability theory.
  • Experience in digital systems specification according to international standards.

Cogninn will guarantee an environment to grow as a young AI systems engineer and scientist through technical management and service provision.

The work could be carried out remotely from any location in Greece. The gross salary depends on the broad level of experience to the qualifications mentioned above.

To apply to this position, please send your full CV at