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Fotis Foukalas

Technology advisor

Fotis Foukalas is a technology advisor with a focus on cutting edge technologies for different sectors. Having a broad background of engineering, science and management, he works in product specification and development with applications in telecom, Internet, biomedical, electronics and finance sectors. Fotis’ commitment is to improve the quality of life through science, engineering, technology and business that is developed hand in hand with social investments and a global humanitarian vision.

He provides technology management for different sectors. He is responsible to make the product available into the market at the best possible moment and in the best possible version. Timing with performance tradeoff is the most important aspect of any technology product development that is carried out within Cogninn. His system engineering approach guarantees the novelty of the product development with focus on problem solving.

He completed his undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering degree at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and moved to National Technical University of Athens to earn an MBA in technology management. He has also acquired a PhD in Computer Science from University of Athens.

Antonis Grammenos

Managing consultant

Antonis Grammenos is the managing consultant with experience on investment management and company administration. He is responsible to manage the financial aspects of the programs being developed within Cogninn and in collaboration with several different industries.

He is looking for the impact of the developed technologies in the society including ethical issues related to AI applications. His vision for Cogninn is to establish a management institution with strategic advices to facilitate the engineering and technology management process. His main consideration is to provide the right resources to the individual teams in order to fulfill their complete capacity. He is also responsible for overall office management both in Athens and London.

He completed his BSc degree in public administration at Panteion University with specialization in economic science while he regularly takes courses in investment and financial management.