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5G SaaS

5G Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Cogninn develops an Open and Virtualized RAN (vORAN) towards a 5G-A software as a service (SaaS) funded by Elevate Greece. Our team develop the 5G-A RAN protocol stack in a distributed fashion and facilitate a more flexible mobile networking deployment using different HW vendors. O-RAN is a known emerging technology for telecom infrastructure of 5G systems and beyond that can provide a distributed deployment of the RAN protocol stack as an enabler for future mobile Internet. In this way, a more cost effective 5G-A RAN deployment can be achieved with several heterogeneous cells and HW platforms distributed in different geographical areas while we are talking about outdoor communication. 5G-A SaaS can be also used for indoor communication such as in manufacturing. The main objective of 5G-A SaaS deployment is to provide an open and disaggregated network, which are driven by open interface so that to allow operators to select any vendor of any network domain. Our solution will be customized and flexible to use for different known HW platforms.

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