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6G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications

Cogninn is working on extreme 6G radio communications that will pioneer the main technology components for in-X wireless subnetworks, short range low power radio cells to be installed in a wide set of vertical and consumer entities like robots, vehicle, production modules, classrooms, for the sake of supporting extreme communication requirements in terms of latency, reliability, or data rates. The project will leverage the opportunities offered by the peculiar deployment characteristics of such short range subnetworks, for a highly performant yet cost-efficient radio design that allow to bring wireless connectivity to a lever of pervasiveness which has never been experienced earlier. Innovation challenges will span physical layer, medium access control protocols, radio resource management of these in-X subnetworks, as well as connection with a broader 6G ‘network of networks’. The performance of the designed solutions will be analyzed via simulations, and a final 6G URLLC radio interface will result in thereby.

Learn more about the 6G SHINE project:  Link