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XR MEC Server

XR Mobile Edge Computing

Cogninn is working on an augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) to support beyond 5G XR services with low latency. The MEC server follows the NFV MANO architecture with severaal VNFs, which are able to deploy different AR/VR frameworks from different vendors and 3rd party developers. The MEC server is the best solution for telecom and internet content providers given that can be attached in the 5G network easily through specific interfaces. In addition to the visualization offered using MEC, scalability without the use of custom devices is valuable in the network. The NFV MANO architecture comes to provide a solution to this problem, offering scalability to existing equipment and also the creation of network services without the need to purchase a proprietary device for this purpose. A white paper is available for further details in our MEC platform.

Learn more about the XR MEC platform:  Link