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AR applications for 5G Networks

5G-IANA aims at providing an open 5G experimentation platform, on top of which third party experimenters in the Automotive-related 5G-PPP vertical will have the opportunity to develop, deploy and test their services. 5G-IANA will target different virtualization technologies integrating different MANO frameworks for enabling the deployment of the end-to-end network services across different domains (vehicles, road infrastructure, MEC nodes and cloud resources). 5G-IANA NetApp toolkit will be linked with a new Automotive VNFs Repository including an extended list of ready to use open accessible Automotive-related VNFs and NetApp templates, that will form a repository for SMEs to use and develop new applications. Cogninn will develop a distributed AI/ML (DML) framework for AR mobile serivces that will provide functionalities for simplified management and orchestration of collections of AI/ML service components and will allow ML-based applications to penetrate the automotive world, due to its inherent privacy preserving nature.