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Mobile DASH services using NFV for small cell networks

MoDASH is considered a solution towards future multimedia services. In particular, we aim to future mobile DASH-enabled virtual reality (VR) applications. The low-latency and reliable distributed networking and computing solutions are addressed with our solution. FLAME platform provides an excellent infrastructure that can accommodate such an experiment with high degree of prototyping and deployment. The overall infrastructure allows deploying a solution to the edge of the network orchestrating a Quality of Experience (QoE) for the end users over the wireless access network. The proposed QoE orchestration provides many 5G relevant future functionalities such as QoE parameters reporting and metrics estimation that are relevant to the VR user experience. The proposed QoE orchestration is deployed through the programmable FLAME-in-a-box framework. Future media service providers can support dynamic service request and routing capability. Such a solution can offer the potential to significantly reduce the overall costs while ensuring fast availability of services towards end users.